Top 5 SEO Friendly Web Hosts

Are you planning to build a new website? Or perhaps you already know your way in website creation and only need to find a new web host to run it? Regardless of the group you belong to, it’s imperative that you select a host that doesn’t only offer excellent speed and uptime, but one that contributes to your site’s ability to rank. There are countless of web hosting companies to choose from, making things a bit overwhelming. To help narrow down your list, here are the top 5 SEO-friendly web hosts you must seriously consider.


This name should probably ring a bell. That’s because HostGator is one of the biggest hosting companies in the world, boasting of over 9 million hosted domains. They wouldn’t be able to reach such a staggering figure without delivering high-quality service. They also have plenty of resources to market their hosting services much more aggressively than others. But more
importantly, they also use their resources to make sure that the websites of clients remain up and running at all times.

This year, they launched HostGator Cloud. It’s an upgraded version of their shared hosting service. You can expect better speed and uptime without having to shell a ton of extra money. HostGator also has 24/7 support, so you can contact their team when you encounter something wrong with your site. While they might not have the fastest shared hosting service, they’re a safe choice if you want reliability.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting may not be as famous as other companies on this list, but they’ve been around for 16 years now. They also claim to offer 20 times faster hosting service compared to other shared hosting providers. But is it all hype? Not really, as many users would tell you.

What makes A2 Hosting so special is the fact that they offer better hardware at the same price points as competitors. Many also put the company on top when it comes to SSD hosting. They’re simply fast and reliable, letting you feel confident that your site is as snappy as possible.


Siteground – the number one recommendation for faster websites, great customer service and SEO benefits as recommended by this san diego seo company Now here’s another company that proves worthy of your money. SiteGround has been around since 2007. In a decade, they have managed to reach 450,000 domain names. This is all thanks to their high-quality hosting services. If you do further research, you will find consistently that SiteGround ranks high when it comes to uptime and speed. They also offer managed WordPress hosting on all of their plans. And what’s great is you can enjoy this feature on all accounts! This means you can keep your site secure at all times, safe from all the risks associated with auto-updates. They will also back up your site every month and perform routine service maintenance regularly.


InMotion Hosting

As one of the most reputable names in the industry, InMotion continues to attract new users. They now host 300,000 domains. While some consider the top hosting companies to be the worst service providers, that doesn’t apply to InMotion Hosting. Real-world data shows they consistently provide stable uptime and blazing fast speed. In fact, their rate is 40% quicker than the average.Another huge reason behind their success is the many discounts they offer. You might even get a free domain name. They also offer a 90-day money back guarantee, which is considerably longer than what other companies offer. And if you have an e-commerce site, they’re one of the best choices out there.

A Small Orange

You won’t think of a web hosting company when you stumble upon their brand name, but they prove to be one of the best in the industry. A Small Orange was founded in 2003, starting as a small web hosting company which has since been acquired by Endurance International Group. What sets them apart from the competition is their very cheap packages.


Take a quick peek at their site, and you’ll be surprised at how cheaper they are. Compared to the industry average, their speed is 38% faster. That may come as a surprise considering their affordable plans.

You can choose from several different packages depending on your unique requirements. Their 90-day money back guarantees also make you feel safe knowing you won’t worry about losing money.

Top 5 SEO Friendly Web Hosts
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